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RayZ International llc
Your Source For Merino Wool/Silk/Modal/Viscose Scarves, Embroidered Woolen Wraps And Hand Embroidered Velvet/ Leather & Suede Handbags.  Authentic Pashmina Shawls on Order.   

Quality & Value are our motto.  Scarves are our specialty.

RayZ International was started by a woman who lives in NY, but is originally from Kashmir, where the finest pashmina shawls come from.  Her quest was to find quality scarves made from fine fabric.  She was disappointed with the ignorance of buyers and sellers regarding pashmina fiber.  Scarves made from natural or synthetic fibers are called pashmina and bought by buyers as pashmina.  There being no regulation regarding naming fabrics as pashmina, any soft scarf can be sold as a pashmina.  It has become synonymous with a style, not the finest wool used to weave luxurious shawls and scarfs. The owner wants to create an awareness about the difference between fibers used to weave scarves and shawls.  And she wants to bring the finest designs, colors and fabrics to the US market without the high street markup.   

Scarves can uplift an outfit and your mood.  You can use scarves to accentuate your outfit.  Our scarves can add aesthetics, elegance, sophistication to your dress.  They can also be charming, joyous and playful.  Add elegance to your outfit by wearing our traditional kani design scarves.  These scarves are printed on fine wool or silk. They are a blend of the traditional design with the modern weaving and printing techniques. Authentic Pashmina Kani shawls are woven with sticks and are a piece of art. We have scarves for every occasion and mood. Look stunning by wrapping a scarf with an intricate design and rich color or enfold yourself in the deep richness of the luxurious texture of our merino wool scarves. 

Retailers do appreciate the vast variety, they can choose from.  As we buy directly from manufacturers, we deliver products at lower costs. 

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